Fragment from "Submarine" picture book (2019)

Valentines Collection of Postcards, (2022)

"Cappucino" brand design for Felinoteca (2023)

"How To Be Me" picture book (2023)

Saxophonist, illustration, (2021)

Digital Illustrations set, (2021)

Fragment from "How To Be Me" picture book (2023)

"How To Be Me" picture book (2023)

Brand Design for the app Katch, (2023)

"How To Be Me" picture book (2023)

This is "How To Be Me" a picture book that I've worked on with the writer Amy Dodero. "How To Be Me" carries an important message about being true to yourself and encourages children to embrace their own unique qualities. I had a lot of fun illustrating the colorful journey of change of this mimic octopus and its friends.
I played with an abundance of aquatic scenery on a huge A4 spread.

Itt is available for purchases on:
➡️  Waterstones
➡️ Great British Bookshop

A4, 18 pages